Does Colloidal Silver Kill Harmless Microbes?

Colloidal Silver! Will it Get rid of Harmless Microbes? I used to be born in 1932 into a significant spouse and children. We survived the nice despair, which lasted right up until the next world war commenced in 1941, and aspect of the way we survived was to acquire foods right from farmers within the summertime and bottle it for winter usage.

We bottled pears, peaches, apricots, cherries and tomatoes. We applied a technique that we known as incredibly hot packing, or boiling water tub. We placed the fruit in bottles and the bottles in boiling h2o. This worked perfectly for fruits with acid in them. The micro organism we needed to kill had been anaerobic bacteria that may induce food stuff poisoning as well as get rid of people today. With food items which don’t contain acid like meat, stews, greens plus some tomatoes, there was not sufficient acid to kill the microorganisms and we experienced to bottle them in a bigger temperature with a strain cooker. We viewed as the shelf existence of food items preserved this fashion to become about two yrs.

I get worried about harm to our electrical transmission system caused by excessive sunspot exercise or EMP bombs. (An EMP bomb consists of the nuclear explosions substantial above the bottom, like 200 miles over us.) Sunspot activity leads to the magnetic discipline within the earth to alter. Prolonged electrical transmission traces connect with this changing magnetic subject to make electricity surges at each individual finish in the transmission lines which may damage the transformers at both of those ends. These transformers are high priced to supply equally with regards to time and price. We do not commonly inventory replacements. Just about every transformer is specifically designed to in good shape the transmission line it provides. Unconventional the latest sunspot exercise results in several of our researchers to believe that this will transpire shortly.

EMP damage is a lot more intense. A nuclear explosions significant above the stratosphere causes the magnetic area to vary instantly, producing problems don’t just to transmission lines but to electronic gadgets. Average to severe hurt will exist within an place somewhere around a thousand by 1000 miles. Individuals won’t be impacted.

If our electrical grid goes down it is not going to have an impact on most people, nonetheless it will have an impact on people far from a power source. If that happens, our food offer are going to be severely limited and the way will we continue to keep the food in our freezers from spoiling?

Due to the fact colloidal silver has this kind of a confirmed report like a germ killer I decided to carry out some tests to determine if we could add colloidal silver to frozen meals to preserve the food stuff.

I extra colloidal silver to milk, freshly created carrot juice, refreshing peaches, contemporary pears, and chili con carne with colloidal silver into bottles which I stored at space temperature on the shelf while in the pantry.

The milk and carrot juice spoiled very first; in somewhere around 4 times, then inside 7 times the chili con carne got mould on it nevertheless the fruit seemed to help keep for months. I washed the mould off in the chili con carne and poured about ΒΌ inch of colloidal silver on top rated. The mold returned almost immediately and grew correct in the colloidal silver.

I had a brick of moldy cheese. I cleaned the mold off, sprayed it with colloidal silver and placed it inside of a plastic freezer bag during the refrigerator. In just weekly the mould had returned, increasing about the colloidal silver.

On November one, 2011, I started off drinking eight ounces of 10ppm colloidal silver everyday, (a little bit in a time). I didn’t acquire probiotics. My bowel functionality remained normal; it has been five months. I’ve been asking yourself if colloidal silver would not hurt fantastic bacteria. I’m scheduling on continuing to drink colloidal silver. (No I didn’t change gray.) I am going to preserve you educated.

I get my drinking water from a perfectly managed by Salt Lake City. The h2o coming from this properly has zero micro organism. I have my drinking water within the exact bottle and 2 times, the water acquired a musty style. Both of those periods I put colloidal silver in the bottle although the musty flavor was continue to there. I killed that taste with bleach and continued to use the bottle. I think that musty things arrived from my human body.